Vision of the GLPIC

The vision of the GLPIC is founded on the conviction that security of the human person (individually and collectively) against all threats to his/her physical integrity and growth is the foundation of all sustainable development. Confident that Africa is growing in potential in terms of human resources, the GLPIC believes African intellectuals have a role to play, through research, training and concrete actions, in the edification of a peaceful world based on the human rights and dignity respect in view of the security of all.

Convinced that the outcome of such an ambition cannot be fulfilled without the involvement of men and women of good will from across the world, the GLPIC hereby calls for a just and equitable international solidarity in favour of peace in Africa. GLPIC therefore gives itself a motto : “To go beyond borders, think globally and act locally” ; and as guiding principles : “Responsibility, Accountability and Tolerance”.

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