Guilain MATHE Guilain Mathé is a Researcher, Human Rights Defender and Community Organiser. He is the founder and the Director of the Great Lakes Peace Initiative Centre (GLPIC). Mr. Mathé is a specialist in Peace and Conflict Management from the Institute of Dignity and Human Rights in Ivory Coast. He also graduated with a degree in political and administrative sciences from the University of Kisangani, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In 2007, he was appointed Lecturer at the Official University of Bukavu (UOB), in the faculty of Social, Political and Administrative Sciences.

In 2008, he was awarded a scholarship from The Scholar Rescue Fund/ Institute of International Education (SRF/IIE) and was welcomed at the West African Research Centre (WARC) in Dakar, Senegal, where he spent one year as a visiting researcher and a resource person in the project, Peace Initiative in West Africa. From August 2009 to February 2011, he pursued a specialisation at the Centre for Research and Action for Peace (CERAP) in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Since March 2011, within the framework of the Scholars at Risk Network (SAR), he was welcomed for a research visit at the Institute of International and Political Studies (IEPI) at the University of Lausanne, in Switzerland. Since January 2012, Guilain Mathé is PhD candidate at Universität Basel in Switzerland where he is preparing his doctoral thesis in Peace and Security Studies in the framework of the Doctoral Program North-South (DONOS).
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Christophe MAMBOLEO

Mr. Christophe Mamboleo is a Lawyer, Human Rights Activist and Researcher. He is a Senior Teaching Assistant (Chef de Travaux) at the Law Faculty of the University of Goma and lawyer at the bar of Goma, North Kivu Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He attended law school successively at Catholic University of Bukavu (UCB), Official University of Bukavu (UOB) and finally at University of Goma (UNIGOM) where he graduated in Private and Judicial Law in 2004 before being appointed Teaching Assistant at UNIGOM. 

As a Human Rights activist, Mr. Christophe Mamboleo is an active member of the Academic Club for the Defense of Human Rights (CADDH) in Goma. He worked therein to promote the rights of students, notably putting at their disposal a Public Secretariat that gave them the possibility of printing and duplicating their syllabus (course notes) at an affordable price, called "academic price". His commitment for defending academic freedom led him to be appointed as Lawyer Advisor of the University of Goma since April 2010. Christophe Mamboleo has worked for the Christian Lawyers Association (AJC) where he got training in 2008 in peaceful conflict resolution in Kigali, Rwanda.

In addition, Christophe is a Lawyer Advisor of local development organizations, namely the Association pour la Meilleure Santé (AMESA) to which he belongs, and the Programme of Action for the Integral Development (PADI). During the electoral process in 2006, he has educated people living with HIV / AIDS on the theme related to Equality of all for free and transparent elections, initiated by PADI. Mr. Christophe Mamboleo is a Legal Expert of the Association de Fraternité de Prisons (antenna of Goma), where he chairs its section Rights of detainees. He is also a co-founder member of the association Homme – Environnement – et Droit (HED) that was created in 2004. Since 2010, Mr. Christophe Mamboleo is the Executive Secretary of the Great Lakes Peace Initiative Center NGO (GLPIC) which is based in Goma, and for which he is actually the Lawyer Advisor at the same time. Within the GLPIC, he is currently active in the development of a project on reforestation of lakeside areas in the Virunga National Park, especially to the fishery of Vitshumbi.

In his quality of Senior Lecturer at the Law Faculty of UNIGOM, Mr. Christophe Mamboleo ensures some teachings, notably Argumentation Juridique ; Droit Civil : les Personnes ; Administration de la Preuve ; Progrès techniques et responsabilité Civile and Voies d’Exécution de Jugements. In the meantime, he is pursuing the DEA program (Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies) in Private and Judicial Law at UNIGOM. He is conducting his research on the topic "International Adoption : evaluation of interstate cooperation in the wake of the Hague Convention of 1993". In perspective of this study, Mr. Christophe Mamboleo plans to initiate a Congolese association of lawyers which will promote adoption taking into account the specificities of African and Congolese contexts for children adoption. This association would have a section that will address the advocacy for the speed of the adoption procedure. Email :

Patrick ANGALI Patrick ANGALI is an independent researcher in economics. Mr. Patrick graduated with a degree in Economics from the Official University of Bukavu (UOB), in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He has written many articles on international exchange, banking systems and aid to development. Presently member of the Great Lakes Peace Initiative Centre, he is working to promote Human Rights, sustainable development, democracy and good governance in the African Great Lakes Region.

David MAKI David MAKI is an independent researcher who graduated with a degree in economics (with a concentration in rural economy) from the University of Kisangani. He is waiting to begin his appointment as a Research Assistant at the same University. Since 2007, has worked as a marketing agent of Celtel-DRC, now Airtel-DRC, in charge of the popularization of the per-second tariff “Ya calm” and “Ya tendance” and supervises the sales of various products for this company. In 2010, he gained expertise in preparing the investment budget for the company MECA-Congo in Kisangani in view of resuming of its activities in partnership with business men from Beijing, Popular Republic of China. In the same year, Mr. Maki joined the Great Lake Peace Initiative Center (GLPIC) working for promotion of Human Rights, sustainable development, democracy and good governance in the African Great Lakes Region.

Norbert Muhongya Norbert MUHONGYA is a graduate in political and administrative sciences from the University of Kisangani, (DRC). He is assistant researcher at the University of Conservation of Nature and Development in Kasugho, North Kivu, where he is the property manager. In 2009, he taught at the Higher Teachers Training Institute/ BINZA-MASISI extension, DRC. He is also a part-time teacher at St Joseph University in Goma. He is a member of the GLPIC.

Christian Sikuliwamundu Christian SIKULIWAMUNDUis a graduate in Economics from the Catholic University of Graben (UCG). From 2005 to 2009, he was the Financial Inspector for provincial income at Kasindi Custom (Congo-Uganda border), North Kivu Province. From September 2009 to December 2010, he studied at the West African School of Moral and Political Sciences (ESMPAO) in Abidjan where he earned certificates in sustainable development and international solidarity, and in project management. He conducted his research on the impact of the war on sustainable development in the Eastern DRC, the political economy of armed groups and the environmental challenges in the African Great Lakes. Currently, he has been appointed as staff member of the Merchant Bank representation in North Kivu.

Jules Malikidogo Dr. Jules Malikidogo is a medical Doctor, a Researcher and Teaching assistant at the Higher Technical Medical Institute in Butembo (ISTM/Butembo). He graduated with a degree in Human Medecine from the University of Kisangani in 2008. In 2009, he taught at the international university of Butembo, and then completed his internship at the General Referral Hospital of Masereka in North Kivu from May to December 2009. From 2010 to 2011, he was both a medical doctor at the LUVIKA medical centre in Butembo Health Zone, and at the Saint MARCEL medico-surgical centre at the Musienene Health Zone. Recently, Dr. Jules has been appointed staff member of the “Medecins sans Frontieres” (MSF) in Bunia, Ituri District.

Guilain Vulo Guilain VULO is a researcher and an activist for human rights in the DRC. After graduating from the University of Kisangani in judiciary and private law in 2008, he was appointed assistant lecturer at the Official University of Rwenzori in Butembo in 2009. The same year, he took an oath as a judiciary defender at the magistrate court of North Kivu in Goma and since then has been in charge of a judiciary assistance cabinet in Butembo. As a lawyer, Guilain Vulo is also a Human Rights activist with the NGO-DH “Action Globale pour la Promotion Sociale et la Paix”, where he is in charge of legal matters. Moreover, he is also the legal adviser for enterprises. Currently, he is carrying out research on Penal Law and Criminology. His area of expertise concentrates on the topic : Prison life conditions and the situation of people in detention in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mrs. Solange Masika Kitobi

Mrs. Solange Masika holds a Certificate of specialization in Conception, management and monitoring - assessment of projects. Graduated in economics at the University of Kisangani (DRC) since 2008, she followed a training specialization in project management in 2009 at the School of Moral and Political Sciences of West Africa (ESMPAO) organized by the Centre for Research and Action for Peace (CERAP) in Abidjan/ Côte d’Ivoire. As a scientist and social activist, she is interested in women participation to development in Africa and child protection. She wrote her graduate dissertation on the "Impact of non-profit women’s associations on the socioeconomic development of the city of Kisangani". In addition, as part of her specialization in project management, Solange Masika rose and defended the "Literacy project for women traders in the Ebrié Village of Blockhauss in Abidjan" in the framework of the CERAP’s "Department of Social Action in Urban Areas". Mrs Solange Masika is the Responsible of Women and Child Protection program of the GLPIC. Within this program, she coordinates the management of the Project of Assistance to War Orphans aimed to facilitate their access to basic education in war-devastated region of North Kivu. Email :

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