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Mission and Objectives

The mission of the GLPIC is to contribute to the consolidation of Human Security in the African Great Lakes Region (and in the African continent in general) by promoting Human Rights and Democratic Governance. In order to accomplish this mission, the GLPIC pursues the following objectives :
- Initiate advocacy campaigns against crimes against humanity in view of the protection of the vulnerable categories (namely minorities, women and children) ;
- Organise training specialising in capacity building for political and social actors in view of promoting accountability in the implementation of the rule of law, democracy and the respect of Human Rights and dignity ;
- To denounce violations of academic freedom and favour scientific mobility between the African Great Lakes and academic institutions across the world with the goal of creating an African scientific elite and a fostering knowledge of the region.
- Sensitise about the development of renewable energies in view of contributing to the environment protection and the fight against climate change.
- Promote the digital growth and cultural exchange between the African Great Lakes and the rest of the world.

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