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Great lake peace initiative centre (GLPIC) is an academic and philanthropic association initiated by Mr Guilain Mathe on February 09th, 2010, in collaboration of a dozen of young researchers based in the North Kivu region of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The creation of the GLPIC arose from the urgency to eradicate the most deadly humanitarian tragedy to occur after the Second World War, which has oppressed the African Great Lakes Region since the end of the last century.

Since the beginning of the war in the DRC in 1996, more than five million people have lost their lives in this regional crisis resulting from the 1994 Rwandan genocide, which in itself killed about one million people. According to a studies result published in May 2011 by “The American Journal of Public Health”, about 1,152 women are raped daily in the DRC : an average of 48 women per hour. The number of child soldiers associated with armed groups is estimated to be thousands in different reports by specialised organisations, including UNICEF ; however it remains difficult to determine this with precision given the dynamic character of child recruitment by the armed groups. According to the UN, the number of refugees and internally displaced people of the DRC lies in the thousands and is ever-changing because of the recurrent explosion of violence. This situation has many disastrous consequences in terms of health and nutrition, and has weakened the efforts for stability and sustainable development in the region.

Thus, the GLPIC expects to be the framework within which African intellectuals will play their part in the concerted efforts at the global level in order to put an end to this humanitarian tragedy and create to conditions that would cultivate sustainable peace in the region.

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